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Proposals provided by Lite Stone Concrete are valid for ninety days unless specified otherwise. Estimates will be prepared which are based upon the best information available to Lite Stone Concrete at the time of proposal generation. When applicable Lite Stone Concrete catalog items will be bid and noted within the proposal. In addition, any applicable tooling and/or delivery charges will be included. Additional inclusions, exclusions, and/or stipulations will be noted on the second page of each proposal.

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Lite Stone Concrete is a manufacturer of Precast Architectural Concrete Products and in that capacity is a material supplier. Lite Stone Concrete is not a subcontractor. As a result of the wide range of design, color and surface finish options, our products are generally produced against job orders therefore, an allowance in job schedule may be required for production, curing, packaging, and shipping.

Lite Stone Concrete will accept both written and verbal orders. Regardless as to how an order is received by Lite Stone Concrete a copy of a formal purchase order will be transmitted to you for your verification and signature. Please carefully note all pricing, stipulations, and exceptions listed in the proposal. Your signature indicates your verification and acceptance of the proposal.

Items may be ordered by catalog number and/or as per drawing(s). If shop drawings are to be generated by Lite Stone Concrete, then those drawings will not be produced until we receive a signed Purchase Order or a Letter of Intent. Production will not begin without approved, signed and dated shop drawings (if required), and a color/finish sample. A deposit of fity percent (50%) of the order amount is required prior to production. Upon delivery of the order the remaining order balance is Due and Payable. Exceptions to the preceding must be stated by the customer at the time the order is placed, and agreed to by Lite Stone Concrete.

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Lite Stone Concrete will provide shipping as per the customer's request and/or direction. Delivery is an additional charge and will be shown as an invoiced amount. Offloading of the ordered products at the customers designated location must be provided by the customer unless other and specific arrangements are made at the time of order placement. All products supplied by Lite Stone Concrete will be appropriately packaged for the chosen method of transport.

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