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Product Specifications

Lite Stone Concrete products are generally intended to serve as nonstructural decorative additions to your architecture and all dimensions are nominal. Structural items may be produced as per engineered drawings in order to meet your specifications.

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Mechanical Attachments

Mechanical attachments or embeds are not provided with all Lite Stone Concrete products and must be specified at the time of order where required. Consult the applicable building code for attachment requirements.

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Lite Stone Concrete products are available in a wide range of colors. The color charts used by us provide target colors. Concrete, and most of the coloring agents incorporated in our products are composed of natural materials thus, some degree of variation in color will result in the finished product. Such color variations (although slight), are naturally occurring and are within an acceptable range. These variations can be expected to occur within a single batch mix and pour throughout a given run of parts.

The color chart from Davis Colors represents the most commonly used colors. However, custom colors are available. In addition L.M. Scofield Systems offers a wide variety of standard and custom colors for precast concrete products.

Please contact a Lite Stone Concrete sales representative to discuss your options in greater detail.

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Lite Stone Concrete products are available with three different finishes which are as follows:

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